5 Reasons why Google Chrome is Better than Firefox

Earlier, the type of browser we are using was not the key of concern but as the things started gaining importance browsers too made a great difference in their existence because of which browsers have become integral part of our lives.



You must have seen people sticking to a particular browser, it is because of the level of confidence they have towards that particular browser than the other. Maybe because their work seems to get easier and faster on that browser or maybe because they are using it from the starting so they feel comfortable with that only.

There can be any reason for it but we cannot deny that the different browsers come with different functions and special technology which creates a difference between them. Some are here from years but still are fighting to get into the world of searchers and some are new but are efficient enough to make its place in the world of searchers.

According to the preferences views for a particular browser also change but there are some technical facts which make google chrome better than the Firefox and they are:

  1. Chrome looks nice than Firefox: When we start working on something the first thing which grab our attention is their look. The way browser looks grabs a lot of attention of many viewers and many people prefer using it just because they are more appealing to their eyes and the same happens with chrome and Firefox. Chrome is better looking than the Firefox.[emedyt]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iApvUMgk5Mo[/embedyt]
  2. Chrome is smoother and faster than Firefox: The chrome has got a lot of attention because it is much faster and smoother than Firefox. Earlier, Firefox was very popular amongst the web users but as soon as chrome made developments Firefox stayed behind and chrome got its users and now for almost all the people who have used both the browsers Chrome is much faster and smoother than the Firefox and Firefox has remained slower and chunkier for its users. Moreover while using Chrome, Windows does not face 0xc00007b problem, which majority of firefox users do face.
  3. Chrome provides a lot cool extra features: The main reason why people try using all is because they want a browser which can make their work easier and simple so that whatever they do they can do it effortlessly and this can only be done in chrome because chrome provides a lot of cool features which makes the work faster and beautiful. For example, application shortcuts- in chrome you can directly access these applications which you have put in the shortcuts whereas it is not possible with Firefox.
  4. The syncing capability of chrome is much better than any other browser: You can resume any file you left on one computer on the other very easily but only the condition is you got to have chrome in that system and should be the place of your working.
  5. Chrome is user-friendly because it provide the best place to work and the easiest ways to do them which cannot be done in Firefox.


DNS error is the error which occurs because of the network connection problem. DNS is the server which acts as a mediator between the computer and the user.

Now you must be thinking how, because when you type and computer searches for you then you are directly dealing with it but in actual it is not so, the process in between you and the computer is a bit complex and DNS makes it simple for both the ends i.e. computer and you.

All because neither computer understand our language and nor we understand his so it becomes important for someone to take the charge and the server which takes the charge is DNS but sometimes you see an error like DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET on the webpage which is same as the “this webpage is not available” which you generally see when you open chrome or a particular website.

Why do we see this type of error?

This error is the result of the network problem or the firewall settings, but mainly you see this when your internet does not work properly and there is no need to worry about anything and no need to call an expert because you can fix dns probe finished no internet error on your own also.

  • Use command prompt: You can use command prompt to reset the DNS settings if you know the command and if not then you can easily find then on internet and many geeks keeps on sharing their knowledge with others so that their knowledge can be helpful for others.dns_probe_finished_no_internet-1
  • This is the best way when you are in a need and do not have time to look for other things. When you work late at nights and suddenly in between working your internet stops working then the only option left with you is internet because you can neither stop your work nor sit for other’s help so it is always better to help yourself rather than depending on others.
  • Update driver software: Driver itself says a lot about it, just like other drivers a computer driver helps in running the computer properly and sometimes when the driver gets outdated then it stops supporting other things and net connection is the first place where problem is seen so in these situations the best thing to do is update the driver software which will fix the net associated problems.You do not have to worry about from where to get these drivers as they are easily available on web and that too totally free which means you can access then as and when you need them.

These were two ways which can help you in dealing with net connectivity issues and fix them at least for a while so that you can complete your work effortlessly. If these ways does not work for you then you can look for more on web as there are many other ways too which are a bit complicated but are worth trying at the time of need.